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    The Age of Adolescence.

    Chicago, 1959-64 © Joseph Sterling

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    Lonely Road || 

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    Peter Behrens, Vestibule for the Turin exhibition, La Prima Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna, 1902. Heidi

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    Harry Clarke, Descent into the maelstrom (…into the howling phlegethon below); Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination, 1919.

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  5. semioticapocalypse:

    Ernst Haas. White Sands, New Mexico, 1952

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    Jimi Hendrix art of Jean Giraud, aka Moebius.

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  7. Extraordinary people look at something and see three things, and the average person sees only one. John could see ten, and he was able somehow to put them all together. He housed in himself, under one roof, all the contradictions. He was a man of action, but also a dreamer. He was teeming with feeling, emotional, yet extremely intelligent. There are revolutionaries who want to tear down and make something fresh. Then there are the old-fashioned, those who see the wisdom in the past. John saw both. He was both. A complex man—he had antennae like Proust, but he was a competitor like VInce Lombardi. He was a wild animal, but at the same time the family was central to his universe. These are times when it’s easy to be pessimistic. But if the tribe can produce somebody like John, there’s still hope. — Peter FalkJust One More Thing

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  8. fuckyesoldhollywood:

    Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman on the set of ‘Spellbound’, 1945

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    Here’s a good read. The former editorial director of Omni, Ben Bova, talks about the magazine’s inception: OMNI Magazine Pioneer Ben Bova on Science Fiction, Art, & the OMNI Culture. It’s the foreword from the recent art collection The Mind’s Eye: The Art of Omni.

    Best part: Omni's original name, Nova, and how this dissuaded Ben from joining, so as not to be known as “Bova from Nova.”

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    David Bowie, 1974, for the first Diamond Dogs commercial

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    Don Pardo, Bon Vivant (Rest In Peace, Sir)

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    Segelboot Auf Dem Bodden im Mondschein, 1900, Louis Douzette. Germany (1834 - 1924)

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    Robert McCall’s Concept Art for Vincent and prop used in the movie - The Black Hole (1979)

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    People in Gaza return To their destroyed Homes  x

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