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    Ingmar Bergman — ca. 1936.

    Bergman Jive.

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    Tomi Ungerer

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    Buster Keaton

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    elisemesner: Jack Johnson battles the Victorian-era robot “Boilerplate,” ca 1910’s

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    Zulu Dawn

    Czechoslovakia, 1982

    title: Zulu Dawn | Svítaní Zuluů | USA, South Africa, Netherlands, 1979
    director: Douglas Hickox
    with: Burt Lancaster, Simon Ward, Denholm Elliott

    artwork: Petr Poš

    price: £42.00

    Petr Poš‘s powerful illustration for Zulu Dawn 1979 movie poster. Poster was created for Douglas Hickox‘s Zulu Dawn movie three years after its first screening. Petr Poš - fantasy land illustrator, graphic, designed over fifty movie posters | jozefsquare.com

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    John Frankenheimer & James Wong Howe on the set of “SECONDS” (1966)


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    Bathing beauties Adrienne Dore and Mae Madison look ready to take the plunge in their backless bathing suits.

    Los Angeles, California ,1935

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    #TBT to #PhilipSeymourHoffman’s poignant talk at the #RubinMuseum in 2012. Join us Wed., 7/23 @ 1PM for a screening of his conversation with Simon Critchley about #happiness, #love, and #death. http://ift.tt/1oNYLNK


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    Today’s Classic: Characters of Charles Perrault’s (1628-1703) Fairy Tales illustrated by Gustave Doré (1832-1883)

    1. Pussy in Boots

    2. Bluebeard

    3. Cinderella

    4-5-6. Little Red Riding Hood

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    Såsom i en spegel (Through A Glass Darkly) - Ingmar Bergman - 1961

    Max von Sydow, Harriet Andersson

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